How to treat fungus on the feet at home: folk remedies

Today, the fungus has become a fairly common disease, the infection of which often occurs in public places, especially those with high humidity. The parasitic fungi that cause mycosis can infect not only the skin, but also the nails and even the hair. How to treat fungus on the feet at home?

healthy legs after fungus treatment

To combat these fungi, medicine offers various antimicrobial drugs, the components of which are capable of destroying the cell membrane of parasites. However, not all people in the process of treating the fungus at home resort to pharmacy drugs; there are many folk recipes that help against the fungus no worse than medicines. For example, boric acid from foot fungus. It allows you to quickly get rid of an unpleasant disease.

You can get infected with a fungus in a variety of ways. The disease can be transmitted through direct contact with a sick person, through his things or objects with which he came in contact. Some time after infection, the skin will begin to peel off, this is the first symptom of infection. A little later, sweating of the legs will increase significantly, as a result of which a favorable environment appears in which bacteria will multiply faster.

The part of the skin affected by the fungus will begin to redden and itch, and skin scales appear. Further, the skin will begin to crack and pain and itching will appear. If the pathology affects the nails, then their appearance will change, the color will become whitish. If the fungus is not treated, then the nail plate is likely to detach.

Treatment methods, antifungal agents

Today, treating foot fungus is not particularly difficult. It is quite possible to get rid of the infection even at home. At the same time, most drugs against mycosis are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. You can also use the methods of traditional medicine. However, before starting treatment, it is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if you have diabetes mellitus or relapse of the fungus. And be sure to remember that it will not be possible to cure mycosis quickly; it will be possible to get rid of the fungus only after a sufficiently long and thorough treatment.

Medicines sold through pharmacy chains can be presented in very different forms, but most often they are ointments. All anti-fungus agents are local and are intended for external use only. It is necessary to treat with such drugs by applying them to the infected areas of the skin of the feet and nails. The duration of the course can be up to one and a half months.

Often, it is possible to get rid of mycosis much faster than the end of the recommended course, but it is necessary to continue to treat mycosis for the entire set time, because due to the premature termination of the use of the drug, there is a high risk of relapse of the disease.

It should be borne in mind that almost all antifungal agents are not recommended for the treatment of pregnant and lactating mothers, young children and people with individual intolerance to the drug.

Recently, external agents against fungus have become widespread. The drugs are designed to stop the multiplication of bacteria and their growth. They are equally effective in treating nail fungus and foot skin lesions. Concentrated products kill the fungus. Treatment necessarily includes the regular removal of areas of the skin or part of the nail infected with the fungus. It is also important that the treatment can be carried out at home.

Preparations are available in the form of nail polish or cream. The duration of treatment directly depends on the size of the affected skin area and on the neglect of the disease. The duration of a therapeutic course can be up to one and a half months. The main advantage of the funds is the nonabsorption of its blood, which means that there is no need to fear intoxication of the body.

To get rid of the fungus, you will have to apply the cream to the affected foot, while no breaks are allowed. After the disappearance of the fungus, it is recommended to repeat the procedure several more times, this will consolidate the achieved effect.

Treatment methods with folk remedies

To cure foot fungus, like many other diseases, you can use folk remedies at home. A huge number of different agents are used against the fungus. So, ordinary laundry or tar soap, or vinegar baths, helps excellently. Treatment with celandine or soda also demonstrates good results. In addition, folk remedies often contain various herbs.

However, it must be borne in mind that folk recipes usually cope only with the initial stages of the disease; it is very problematic to cure running mycosis at home without using medications.

All methods of traditional medicine are based exclusively on the external use of various natural remedies, these can be baths or compresses with solutions. The treatment process can be started independently after the first signs of mycosis are detected. However, for an effective cure, it is still better to consult a doctor.

Soap in the treatment of disease

Folk recipes for combating fungus, containing soap, imply exclusively tar or laundry soap. The procedure is easily carried out at home. It consists in removing dead skin flakes and exfoliated nails. To do this, the legs are steamed, after which the feet and fingers affected by the fungus are thoroughly soaped and rubbed with a stiff brush for at least five minutes.

Laundry soap works better with skin fungus, and in case of nail damage, it is recommended to use tar soap. After completing the procedure, the legs are washed with running water, continuing to rub them with a brush. The procedure is repeated at least 5 times in a row. After completing the latter, you must thoroughly dry your feet and apply any moisturizer on them. Thin cotton socks can be worn for the best effect.

The duration of the treatment is about a week, the procedures are carried out in the morning and in the evening. You can notice a significant improvement after the third day of treatment with these simple folk remedies. It should be borne in mind that tar or laundry soap is quite effective in the early stages of the development of the disease, neglected mycosis may not be cured in this way.

Baking soda

Folk recipes very often contain the simplest and most affordable means for everyone. One of these is the most common baking soda you will find in any home. The baking soda will help neutralize the burning and itching sensations that are signs of a fungal infection. To do this, take soda (about a tablespoon) and dilute with water so as to obtain a thick paste, which will be applied to the affected areas of the skin.

After that, you should wait for the paste to dry (about 10 minutes) and wash your foot with cool water, the soda should be completely removed, soap is not recommended. After thorough wiping, it is recommended to apply a powder or cornstarch to the affected areas of the skin. Feet treatment must be carried out several times a day and continue treatment until the fungus disappears.

baking soda to treat foot fungus

Soda allows you to fight the fungus without having any side effects. Therefore, soda can even be used to treat children. After completing the treatment, it is strongly recommended to maintain personal hygiene and use laundry soap to wash your feet. For the prevention of mycosis, you can also use soda or vinegar baths.

Celandine treatment

Many folk recipes that allow you to cure mycosis at home are composed of celandine. Like many other herbs, celandine is widely used as an antiseptic and healing agent. Celandine treatment methods can be very different. For example, trays to which celandine is added in the form of a tincture.

To prepare such a tincture, celandine is poured with water and kept for about two weeks. Celandine can also be used in the form of an alcoholic tincture, which is used to wipe the affected areas. If mycosis is found on the hands, then celandine baths can be used.

It must be remembered that celandine is poisonous, therefore, after all procedures, you must make sure that it does not remain on your hands. Use soap for this. Celandine treatment usually lasts about fifteen days. Celandine can cure both mycosis of the feet and nails affected by the fungus.

Using other traditional medicine

Traditional recipes for the treatment of athlete's foot often contain vinegar. Most often, traditional healers recommend using wine vinegar. At home, the fight against the fungus consists in filling the bath with diluted vinegar and placing the feet in it for five to ten minutes. After this, the feet must be thoroughly washed using soap.

You can additionally neutralize the effect of the vinegar solution with soda, which must be dissolved in water. As mentioned earlier, soda baths alone can be used to cleanse the skin of fungus, and in combination with vinegar, the result should improve. After completing the procedure, it is recommended to put on socks soaked in vinegar on your feet and go to bed in them.

Sufficiently good results are also demonstrated by soap-soda solutions used to wipe the affected areas. However, it should be borne in mind that soap and soda solutions are best used not for the treatment of mycosis, but for prevention. Vinegar baths also do an excellent job of prevention.

Fungus on the hands is much less common than on the feet. Usually, infection occurs after frequent contact of the hand with the affected feet. Mycosis on the hands is treated with almost the same means as on the feet. Since the presence of fungus on the hands is detected faster, then the fight against it begins at the earliest stages. Even not very strong means can help perfectly.

The easiest way to start is to try soda or vinegar baths. In addition, it is recommended to wipe the brushes with vinegar several times throughout the day. If such baths do not help, then you should resort to stronger drugs.