Fungus on the feet: treatment with folk remedies

feet without signs of fungus

Fungus on the feet is a disease from which no one is immune. The disease does not go away on its own, so it is important to treat it on time. Experts will tell you how to get rid of the problem.

Fungus on the feet: symptoms and causes

What is foot fungus? Fungus, or mycosis, is a disease that is provoked by pathogenic or opportunistic fungi. Often, the disease is caused by dermatomycete fungi, which, as the doctor and her colleagues note, include Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton. However, the pathology can also be provoked by microorganisms of the genus Candida.

Fungal lesions of the skin of the legs are called dermatomycosis, the nail plate is called onychomycosis. Often, pathological conditions are combined.

How to recognize a fungus on the feet?

Symptoms differ depending on the type of fungus that affects the foot. However, there are general symptoms.

At the initial stage, there is dryness of the skin, itching and burning of the sole, interdigital folds. If the nail plate is affected, a slight change in its color occurs, the nails become more brittle, as the doctor notes.

If no treatment is given, the situation gets worse. The following symptoms appear:

  • small cracks between the toes, on the sole;
  • peeling;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • swelling, redness of the interdigital folds, arch of the foot;
  • bubbles and diaper rash;
  • pain while walking;
  • deformation of the nail plate (thickening or thinning, impaired growth, destruction of the nail).

Why does fungus appear on the feet?

Infection occurs through contact with a sick person, skin contact with surfaces and objects on which there are fungal spores. Pools, saunas and baths pose the greatest risk of infection.

However, it is possible to become infected with the fungus in the pedicure office, when using the personal belongings of an infected person - shoes, clothes, towels, washcloths. Even at home, you need to be careful and not use the things of other family members, as the doctor notes.

There are factors that contribute to the development of fungus on the feet:

  • wounds and cracks;
  • excessive sweating and dry skin;
  • poor hygiene;
  • flat feet;
  • circulatory disorders of the legs due to vascular diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus and pathologies of the immune system.
fungal infection during a pedicure

Folk remedies for the treatment of fungus on the feet

At the initial stage of the development of the disease, it is much easier to cope with it, so therapy should be started when the first symptoms appear. Various folk remedies will help to cope with the fungus.

How to treat fungus on the feet with folk remedies? Vinegar, animal fat, essential oils and garlic will help.


Table and apple cider vinegar will help stop the development of a fungal disease:

  • Heat two liters of water for a comfortable temperature. Add 200 ml of vinegar. Dip your feet into the resulting composition and hold for 15 minutes. Soak your feet three times a day. After the procedure, dry your feet thoroughly and put on clean socks.
  • Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it to your nails and skin affected by the fungus. Put on clean socks and leave on overnight.


Garlic has an antifungal effect, so it works well for the problem. The recipe for the remedy is as follows:

  1. Squeeze the juice from one head of garlic, add the same amount of water and alcohol to it.
  2. Heat the water, in which add one tablespoon of tar soap, grated on a coarse grater, and two tablespoons of baking soda.
  3. Steam your legs for 15 minutes.
  4. Wipe your feet dry and treat them with a mixture of garlic juice and alcohol.

Essential oils

Various essential oils will help to cope with fungal infections of feet and nails: rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang. The doctor says that tea tree and eucalyptus oils will be among the most effective in the fight against fungus.

With the help of them, you can make baths and compresses:

  • Wash your feet first. Add ten drops of essential oil to three liters of warm water. Soak your feet in the bath for 20 minutes, then put on warm socks or wrap your feet in a warm towel for 15 minutes.
  • Heat one tablespoon of water and essential oil to 30 ° C. Saturate a cotton pad with the product and attach it to problem areas, wrap it with a bandage on top. After an hour, clean the softened skin or nail plates with a sterile file.

Animal fat

How to cure toenail fungus? For these purposes, use pork or goose fat:

  1. Take equal amounts of fat, copper sulfate and yellow sulfur.
  2. Mix thoroughly and bring to a boil.
  3. Send to a dark place and wait for complete cooling.
  4. Lubricate skin and nails affected by the fungus daily.
healthy toenails without fungus

To cope with foot fungus, it is important to have regular treatments. Use folk remedies and don't forget about personal hygiene. Then you will soon enjoy a healthy look of your legs.

Attention! The material is for informational purposes only. You should not resort to the treatments described in it without first consulting your doctor.