How is toenail fungus treated at home and with medications?

How is toenail fungus treated? This rather unpleasant question can interest any person if this problem suddenly touches him. It is worth noting that there are many ways to get rid of this disease for a long time. Among them, folk remedies are especially popular. After all, it is in such unconventional ways that people most often bring their legs into a beautiful and healthy look.

We treat toenail fungus using folk methods

healthy nails after fungus treatment
  • The best way that can save a person from this unpleasant problem in the shortest possible time is a natural healing ointment. To prepare it, you should purchase a chicken egg (use only raw), half a large spoonful of dimethyl phthalate (you can buy it at the pharmacy) and two dessert spoons of any vegetable oil. All these components must be mixed in one bowl, and then lubricated the affected area, bandaged and kept for several hours. If, after use, you still have this product in stock, then it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator.
  • Asking the question of how toenail fungus is treated, one involuntarily recalls another effective folk recipe, which has proven itself no worse than the previous one. In order to prepare such a medicinal mixture, you should take a little butter, thaw it at room temperature, and then add the grated garlic clove and mix everything well. The resulting ointment from natural ingredients must be lubricated with the affected marigolds at least 6-7 times a day for a week or until the symptoms disappear.
yellowing of the nail with fungus

How is toenail fungus treated at home?

It is worth noting that you can get rid of this scourge in simpler ways that do not require the purchase of additional ingredients. So, for the treatment of fungus, many experts recommend applying a 20% propolis solution to the nail plate, in which a cotton swab or bandage should be moistened. In addition, you can forget about the presented disease with the help of ordinary iodine, which must be dripped onto the affected area 3 times a day every other day.

Toenail Fungus: Medicines for Medication

damage to the nail plate with fungus

If traditional methods do not help you get rid of the disease, then it is best to turn to traditional medicine. For this, doctors recommend taking antifungal medications.

Like any other treatment, this therapy should have an integrated approach. To do this, doctors advise the use of local remedies. Thus, the nail plate affected by the fungus must be regularly lubricated with antifungal ointment.

Now you know how to treat toenail fungus. And which of the drugs is more effective, you can find out only after its direct use.