The best folk remedy for toenail fungus: how to choose, proven recipes, tips

Mycoses can easily spread throughout the body, but the nails and feet of a person are the most favorite place for their localization. The virus is very easily transmitted and spread, therapy requires an integrated approach.

There are many pills and medications that are used to eliminate fungal infections. But at the same time, the demand for folk remedies against toenail fungus remains high.

ointment for the treatment of toenail fungus

What is a fungus?

In nature, there are many types of fungal pathogens that can affect the human body. Fungus is always unpleasant and painful. It is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person in a variety of ways: in public places, through shared shoes, through direct contact.

The most common localization site is the legs, namely the feet and nails. This placement is due to a number of reasons:

  • increased sweating of the legs caused by individual characteristics;
  • tight, uncomfortable synthetic shoes;
  • permanent injuries on the legs, microcracks, scratches, corns;
  • stress;
  • intoxication caused by alcoholism and smoking;
  • hypothermia of the legs of a permanent nature.

It is not possible to recognize the disease immediately, the first stages are almost asymptomatic. Then unpleasant signs begin to appear actively:

  • unpleasant pungent smell of feet;
  • the nail plate becomes white and lamination may appear;
  • itching, and sometimes there is a burning sensation;
  • wounds form on the skin around the nails, erosion appears.
healthy feet after fungus treatment

Treatment depends on the stage of the nail fungus, the earlier the problem is noticed, the easier it is to fix. But it should be understood that the fight against such a disease is quite difficult, it can last several months and even years. The disappearance of signs does not mean the complete elimination of viral spores in the body. This can only mean a decrease in activity, but under certain conditions the virus will resume again.

Why choose folk remedies?

The course of treatment for a fungal infection can last several months. There are many pharmaceutical products that mycologists recommend to prevent the formation of new fungal spores. But none of them gives a 100% guarantee.

Therefore, experts advise using various methods of treating nail fungus, combining traditional and folk methods.

Benefits of alternative medicine:

  • much cheaper than pharmaceutical preparations;
  • have practically no contraindications and side effects;
  • when used correctly, fully confirm their effectiveness.

The most popular methods of getting rid of the fungus can be advised by experts. The main thing is to use new tools with great care. In addition, do not forget about the age of the patient, it is not recommended to use untested products for children. Patients under 16 years of age are seen at the appointment with a mycologist, but people over 35 years of age are at risk.

Iodine - a time-tested remedy

To date, iodine is still an effective remedy for nail fungus, which can be used in the early stages of the disease. It is important to remember that excessive use of iodine can cause burns, so the dosage must be strictly observed when applying it.

walking barefoot as a way to get a fungus

This method is very effective if it is used from the very beginning of the disease, when the first symptoms appear. In order not to harm the nail plate and skin during treatment, you should follow the instructions:

  1. Buy iodine in a pharmacy and check its expiration date.
  2. Wash feet thoroughly and pat dry. It is very important that the patient only use his own towel, this reduces the risk of transmission of infection.
  3. On each affected nail and the one located near it, drop a drop of iodine and rub it well.
  4. Let the iodine dry a little, and for some time after that do not wear socks, repeat the procedure twice a day.

The full course of treatment lasts about a month. It has such a method and a number of side effects. The skin around the fingers becomes yellow, which creates aesthetic discomfort. In addition, dryness and hypersensitivity may be observed, some people pay attention to pain and burning during rubbing. Unfortunately, the advanced stages of this disease cannot be cured with iodine.

Table vinegar in the fight against mycosis

Acetic compresses are another popular recipe for getting rid of mycosis at home. To do this, use the usual 9% table vinegar and baths are prepared from it.

foot washing for fungus

The recipe is simple: you need to mix vinegar and cold water in a ratio of 1: 8, mix thoroughly. If the disease is at an advanced stage, then we can talk about increasing the concentration, the maximum level of vinegar for the bath is 2: 1.

The water must be cold, otherwise the vinegar will lose its properties. Additionally, you need to prepare a bath with hot water, legs are lowered into it for steaming. When the nails soften, the feet are placed in a vinegar bath. The procedure can be done every two days, the full course of treatment is 3 weeks.


This folk remedy has a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property, so it is used to fight bacteria and fungal spores. You can buy propolis in its pure form at a pharmacy, but you need to use it diluted in a water bath. Also, some experts recommend using an infusion of propolis on alcohol, but it is still undesirable to use it for mycosis.

To combat this unpleasant disease, two methods are used:

  • moisten a cotton pad in liquid propolis and treat the affected area twice a day;
  • at night, a slightly melted piece of the substance is placed on the affected nails, but such a compress can be kept for no more than 2 hours.
herbs for toenail fungus

This is an effective remedy for nail fungus, but use it with great care.

Tea mushroom

Kombucha is a controversial method of treatment, some experts claim that it can lead to the activation of the process, while others claim that it can completely get rid of mycosis and related problems.

First you need to prepare a medicinal solution, for this the mushroom is soaked in sweet tea for a week. The solution should acquire a brown color and a specific aroma, then it can be considered ready. The main property of kombucha is antibacterial and antifungal effects.

It is also used in two ways:

  1. A piece of mushroom should be peeled and peeled and squeezed a little to remove excess liquid, then gently rubbed onto the damaged nail plate. It is worth repeating the procedure 2-3 times a day.
  2. Compress, done before bedtime. Feet should be washed and dried. Then take a piece of mushroom and cut lengthwise. Dip one part in warm water, send the other back into the syrup. Get a mushroom out of the water and attach it to your nails, attach cellophane on top, and put on a tight sock or even two. The compress can cause tingling, mild pain, a slight burning sensation - such symptoms are considered quite justified, and only confirm the effect of the fungus.
kombucha for toenail fungus


This odorless substance is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, so it is advisable to use it to quickly remove nail fungus at home. It is birch tar, a birch peel processing product, that is actively used. It can be bought at a specialized pharmacy.

Birch tar often becomes the basis of ointments, but in the case of mycosis, the product is used in its natural form.

In fact, this product is very popular in the field of cosmetology. Various kinds of cosmetics (tar soap, tar shower gel and tar shampoo) are very popular due to their effect.

First you need to steam your legs. It is better to do this in soapy water. After that, cut off the dead parts of the nail, and smear fresh places with tar and rub in well. Then you should not dress for several hours, the tar is better absorbed when exposed to air. After that, it is not recommended to wash your feet for at least a day; after this time, you can make a cold bath for your feet. To maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, you should wear socks made of natural fabrics, and treat the shoes with a light tar solution.

toenail fungus and its treatment

Foot baths using tar soap are also actively used. To prepare, you need to take half a bar of soap, grate and dilute in warm water (2 l). You can add some soda. Carry out the procedure for no more than 20 minutes, then clean the coarsened tissues and let the feet dry.

Herbal decoctions

It's no secret that there are a lot of herbs that, due to their antiseptic properties, are actively used in traditional medicine. For the treatment of mycosis, decoctions from such plants are used:

  • celandine;
  • nettle;
  • burdock root;
  • plantain;
  • sagebrush;
  • calendula;
  • St. John's wort;
  • chamomile.

For the preparation of decoctions, it is the dry flowers of these plants that are used. It is very important to respect the proportions and maintain a sufficient amount of time for a couple. For the treatment of the fungus, only decoctions on water are used, alcohol, milk and other bases are prohibited.

Decoctions experts recommend using only as an aid, they are able to enhance the process, but do not cope with advanced stages. In addition, some of the plants presented can cause an allergic reaction.

You can quickly get rid of nail fungus with folk remedies, but you need to be patient. For the full effect, sometimes you need to use several recipes. The full course of treatment can take years. It is best to consult a specialist before choosing a method of treatment. And in no case do not start the process, severe stages are extremely difficult to treat.