How to treat a fungus between the toes (before and after photos)

No one today can be immune from foot fungus. Its development occurs under certain favorable conditions (humidity and heat). Often the fungus is found not only on the nails, but also between the fingers. Infection with them occurs simply, for this it is even possible not to contact directly with a person who is sick with this disease. After all, spores of such a fungus live for a long time on all kinds of objects, clothes, shoes.

toe fungus symptoms

Particular susceptibility to fungus between the fingers

It happens that someone is completely immune to fungi, even with frequent contact with infected objects. For someone, on the contrary, this disease develops instantly. Factors predisposing to fungus:

  • the state of immunity - when it is weakened, the risk of developing the disease increases;
  • age - in children, the skin is more susceptible to various kinds of fungal diseases;
  • chronic or infectious diseases - they weaken the body, as a result of which it is easier for the fungus to penetrate the thickness of the skin or nail;
  • increased sweating and features of the composition of sweat create a favorable environment for the introduction and development of the fungus.

Possibility of infection

There are two main types of infection with this disease. Straight way:

  • when walking barefoot on the floor, soil, grass;
  • upon contact with a person with mycosis;
  • when "communicating" with an infected animal.

Indirect way:

  • when using items that have a fungus (towels, shoes, underwear);
  • when using animal care items, which may also contain fungi that are dangerous to humans.
  • Causes of the appearance of fungus between the fingers

Causes of the appearance of fungus between the fingers

The causes of the appearance and fungus on the legs between the fingers are very diverse:

  • warm and moist environment between the toes;
  • violations of the integrity of the skin, even small ones: cracks, sores, pustules, wounds;
  • poor quality, uncomfortable, tight shoes;
  • physical fatigue, exhaustion;
  • infection is possible in common areas (baths, saunas, beauty spas, swimming pools);
  • pregnancy, dysbiosis, varicose veins.

Symptoms of the disease

fungus between toes

Symptoms of the disease, which in the future must be treated, look like this:

  • peeling between the fingers;
  • cracks that occur for unknown reasons;
  • pain accompanied by severe itching;
  • severe sweating of the legs;
  • seals in the sole area;
  • the formation of large spots of a grayish or yellowish hue.

Initially, the symptoms of the disease are not pronounced: there is almost no itching, no discomfort is felt. Therefore, many simply do not attach importance to the warning signs of trouble.

If you ignore the first symptoms and do not begin treatment of the disease, the process will progress: mycosis will capture not only the interdigital spaces, but also other areas of the skin of the foot, will move to the nails, which will change color, thicken, deform and exfoliate.

Therapeutic procedures using medicines

Treatment of a fungus is a long process that requires a lot of patience and responsibility from the patient. At a minimum, the treatment will take a month, but in some cases, the treatment process can take up to a year.

You need to find out from a specialist about the proper treatment of the fungus between the toes. To do this, you need to contact a dermatologist. In no case should you self-medicate, otherwise there is a possibility of spreading the disease to other parts of the body.

Only a doctor can prescribe the correct, effective treatment, which will be aimed not only at getting rid of unpleasant symptoms, but also at ridding the patient of the very cause - the causative agent of the fungal disease. For this purpose, various drugs are used:

  • compresses made from a special solution - in this product it is necessary to moisten cotton swabs, spread them between the toes, after 20 minutes the compress must be removed;
  • antifungal ointments - not only relieve the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, but also destroy its cause, the fungus;
  • tablets - drugs that must be taken orally, acting on the fungus systemically;
  • in some cases, immunostimulants are also required, which strengthen the immune system, making the treatment more effective.

Effective treatment of fungus folk remedies

There are folk methods for treating fungus that have passed the test of time:

  • A decoction of wormwood. To cook, you will need half a kilogram of wormwood grass, it must be boiled for a quarter of an hour in clean water (3 l). Then the remedy is infused for 30 minutes, filtered and placed in a basin. In such a bath, you need to keep your feet just before going to bed.
  • Salt baths. An effective treatment for fungus between the fingers is the preparation of foot baths from sea salt. You will need to heat the water, pour a small amount of salt. As soon as the product has time to dissolve in the bath, you need to lower your legs there, steam thoroughly. It is not necessary to wash your feet after the procedure. It is advisable to put on top socks made of natural fabric and go to bed. Such baths help to make the skin of the legs soft, healthy. In the initial stages of the fungus, such baths perfectly help to solve this problem.

Consolidation of the result

After the end of treatment, cracks and itching disappear. Some symptoms cease to bother the patient, but this does not mean that the treatment is over. In the pharmacy, you need to order a special 25% solution of aluminum chloride. It will finally remove the fungus between the toes.

skin lesions between the toes with a fungus

It is very important to remember that the treatment of the fungus will be successful if you constantly keep the skin of the feet clean - carry out home pedicures with individual tools, remove skin that exfoliates. It contains pathogenic spores of the fungus. If they are not removed, another infection, a relapse is likely. Therefore, at the time of taking foot baths, it is recommended to use a special brush to remove dead skin.

At the end of treatment, it is important to disinfect clothes and shoes. Otherwise, a relapse of the disease is likely. For disinfection, it is possible to use the following agent: formalin 25% + vinegar 30%.

With this tool, you need to process all the things and put them in a package. And after 2-3 hours, things will need to be allowed to air out. The fungus will be completely destroyed, and the person will be protected from re-infection.

Disease prevention

In order to prevent the fungus that affects the area between the toes from returning, you need to follow simple precautions:

  • wear only high-quality, comfortable shoes only from natural "breathable" materials;
  • after coming home from work or a walk, the shoes must be treated with a spray with a disinfectant effect;
  • you can not try on someone else's shoes;
  • having visited public places, you need to thoroughly wash your feet, wipe them dry, and at home you can treat with a special remedy from a pharmacy for prevention;
  • It is necessary to maintain immunity at the proper level. To this end, it is recommended to include more fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, juices in the diet.

Do not neglect the prevention of foot fungus. It will help protect against this disease. Otherwise, having become infected with a fungus, it will take a very long time to be treated. After treatment, you need to take care that there are no relapses. Remember: like any other disease, foot fungus is much easier to prevent than to treat later.